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Your SUPPORT will be dedicated to that project and be an additional strength for our journey!


This travel requires an organization and outstanding expenses. Charlotte and JC decided to use their savings to meet the main costs. However substantial expenses remain to finance such as the camping material, windsurf material, warm clothes …


Becoming a partner would be a high message for your company to develop a strong image and share the visibility on our blog and our travel.


1) To have its logo registers on the vehicle (maximum 20cm x 20cm)

2) To be quoted in all the organized demonstrations and the communications (numerous media regional and national contacted)

3) To appear on the web page my session-2012.over-blog.fr and our Facebook page My session2012


Furthermore, it would allow your company to position on the problems of the sustainable development and to benefit from an increasing fame in this domain: our pages are referenced on the main search engines and on the official site of Surfrider Foundation www.surfrider.eu as well as through the www.initiativesoceanes.org).


Finally, to become our partner would be for your company an opportunity to take advantage of the conveyed positive image: Nature - Adventure - Culture.


This support can be both financial and material order.


By financing our budget and helping us achieve our goal you will participate in that beautiful and vast program and enable us to complete such a great experience and message we intend to bring to population we will meet.


To contact us, click here

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