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The Dekeyser family will criss-cross the South American beaches from Belem to Cartagena for coast and lake clean-ups and awareness program against marine litter pollution intended to the local population and the French young people!

They will focus on beaches protection and spread a message to the youngest and to inhabitant in order to prevent the coast and sea sites.

Charlotte and JC, by sharing windsurf, passion and travelling enthusiasm, are already acting on Gruissan beaches and built a partnership with Surfrider Foundation Europe to raise budget and multiply and coordinate action in south America.

The Surfrider Foundation Europe, a non profitable foundation, is dedicated to defend, save and preserve the coasts, improving and managing in a sustainable manner the ocean, coastline, waves and the people who enjoy and use them in Europe.

During their different sessions and practice Charlotte and JC shall organise and coordinate events focusing on the environmental threats and gathering local population in order to aware them on risks and discuss new behaviours and sustainable habits.

Charlotte and JC are in close partnership with Surfrider Foundation Europe sharing a communication process and tools with a clear message for the protection of the coasts.

Those events started in March 25th at Léry-Poses (France) organised and launched from initiativesocean.org and will be maintain and coordinate through all their travel in South America.

Join them and share the program available on the site!!

This program will be shared and explained to the youngest generation who is curious and very receptive to those messages in France.

The journey will be the translation of that experience brought to South America in partnership with local contact and in collaboration and connection with their children’s school in Boulogne-Billancourt.

They will set up an educational project with primary school and maternal with regular information and program through the website and helped by the distribution and implementation of the foundations tools.









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