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Dear children,

You will discover, through these pages, the crossed countries and the experiences lived by 3 small 3, 5 and 8-year-old lads.

They will tell you what is different form Boulogne and what looks the same : the landscapes (mountains, sea, forests) People, their lifestyle, their cooking, their parties, climate, toys and leisure activities...

They will share their sensations in front of waterfalls of unlimited water, unique sites, unknown "exotic" animals, and dishes and the new flavours.

They will tell you how they spend their time in family, with their parents, in a camper and how they manage to have new friends while the children do not speak the same language, have different habits... They will also communicate on the sustainable project for the planet, and will describe their own experiences on the beaches of South America.

Our Kids will be your best reporters to bring the last information and tell you about their good times and accomplishment during that marvellous project in South America.

See you very soon

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